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How Does A Payday Loan Firm Verify You?

Payday loans have become a controversial yet increasingly popular way of couples and households to keep their funds high enough to survive without having to take out large payments on loans. Used in emergencies, they can be great solutions for those who cannot find funding through traditional means like a loan company. However, they aren’t signed up for by conmen and the like – they are very much taken care of properly. Potential borrowers are checked out thoroughly before they are accepted – so how does the actual verification process work? How do they check you out?

Picture ID

You will need to produce some form of ID with a picture on it, for a start. This can be a passport or a driver’s license, or even a state issued ID card. These are the three most common and are widely accepted forms of identification.


You can’t take a payday loan out if you don’t have employment – so you need to produce a minimum of two payslips or stubs, so they can verify your ID with your paycheck. This also lets them see if you make enough to realistically afford the payments set.

Employee Verification

You will need to give some form of ID about where you work – either a contact number for your boss/employer or another way of verifying your workplace. So long as the number and company you provide them with checks out, you should be allowed to proceed further.

Bank Account

Naturally, you need somewhere to actually put the money once you get it! A valid bank account is required, and you’ll need to produce at least two bank statements to verify that your bank account is both active and legitimate.

These simple identification processes make it for payday companies to verify potential lenders very quickly so you can get confirmation usually on the same day. Once you are approved, an agent will contact you so that you can both come up with the relevant information about the payday loan and if you agree about taking it on and if you can afford it etc.

You will then need to verify all of the information given over the phone and in some cases provide copies of the information provided. As you can see, the verification process is very detailed and stops people from abusing the system or getting access to funds they realistically could never afford to pay back. This keeps the system fair and outside of abuse for both parties.

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