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Who Can Use Payday Loans?

Payday loans are often sought out by people who have experienced a recent hardship that prevents them from making on-time payments for daily living expenses. There are several demographics that represent the majority of payday loan borrowers. These include anyone earning less than $40,000 per year, recently divorced individuals, those that have less than a four year college degree, and young females aged 25-44 years old.

Who needs payday loans?

Additionally, payday loans are beneficial for people who simply need a quick and easy couple hundred of dollars to make up the difference in rent or to purchase groceries to get them through the month. Most payday loans are used to make it from point A to point B in an emergency situation. Payday loans are not meant to serve as a means of income, although many individuals get stuck in a cycle of taking out loans to pay off previous loans resulting in thousands of dollars in debt.

How does it work?

Most payday loans work through an application process that ensures that the borrower has employment, a real bank account, and a valid email address. Once the application is submitted and approved, the funds will be electronically wired to the bank account of choice within 2 minutes of approval. Wiring directly to the bank account secures the lenders money and solidifies the fact that the borrower has an active bank account. From there the countdown begins, and the loan is likely set to be paid off by the borrowers next payday.

Should You Consider a Payday Loan?

If you are confident that you can pay back your loan within the next pay period and you are in desperate need of instant cash, then a payday loan might be right for you. If you keep up with your loan and are able to pay it off quickly it can provide an easy solution for a sticky situation.

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